10 Expert decorating tips – Part 1

15 Apr 10 Expert decorating tips – Part 1

If you’re embarking on a painting job but aren’t quite sure where to start, then don’t fret. Whatever the scale of your DIY decoration project, these expert tips should allow you to complete a high-quality job:

1. Always prepare

Preparation is the key for any decoration work. It makes sense to gather all the materials and tools you need before you get started. This will minimise any disruption, ensuring you can fully concentrate on the task in-hand.

2. Use quality paint

If you use poor quality paint, the chances are you’ll end up with a poor quality finish. In all likelihood, you’ll end up adding multiple coats to try and even out the covering, but still end up being underwhelmed by the end result.

3. Invest in rollers

As well as brushes, it’s worth investing in different sized rollers. A large roller can be used to paint major wall and ceiling areas, but this won’t be much use for narrow sections of wall. Having a smaller version to hand means you’ve got more options.

4. Buy a roller extender

To save the hassle – and safety risks – of trying to paint from the top of a stepladder, make sure you invest in a roller extender. This will allow you to provide an even covering of paint on the ceiling with your feet positioned firmly on the ground.

5. Start at the edges

Start your painting job at the corners, above the skirting boards and around any windows and doors. When these parts of the room have been decorated, you can move onto the main area sections. Repeat this process for each wall, merging the painted areas together.

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