How to prepare your home for painters

01 Apr How to prepare your home for painters


If you’ve hired professional painters for your home decorating, you’re off to a flying start. With trained, professional decorators and experienced professional painters on board, you can relax and let them get on with the job. Before they arrive however, here are five things you can do to help them get going without a hitch.

Prepare the walls

Make sure you take down all photos, pictures, mirrors, and ornaments from the walls you’re decorating and store everything away safely. A quick wipe down of the walls with a damp cloth will remove dust and most marks and if you plan on prepping the walls yourself, make sure you do any filling or sanding well in advance so the filler has plenty of time to dry. Professional painters will be happy to prepare the walls if required.

Move furniture

If possible, remove all furniture from the room before the painters arrive, but if you don’t have that kind of storage space, remove what you can and shift what’s left to the centre of the room, well away from the walls. Professional decorators will bring their own protective sheets, but if it makes you happy, cover furniture with some old sheets of your own.

Little feet and hands

Small children running around while painters are at work can be hazardous and may lead to an unfortunate accident. The same goes for pets. Plan ahead and try and keep the little ones and pets out of the way until the decorating is completed. Not everyone likes the smell of fresh paint and some oil-based paints may produce fumes that some people find unpleasant, so make allowances for this.

Get rid of dust

Before the painters arrive, run the vacuum cleaner over the carpets or floor, including between bare floorboards and skirting, to get rid of dust. The last thing you need is a gust of wind to blow dust onto walls that haven’t had time to dry.

Curtains and blinds

It’s a good idea to take down curtains and remove blinds from windows when preparing a room for decorating. As well as protecting them from paint splatters, it gives you the perfect opportunity to have them cleaned before rehanging!

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